Getting Started with Zotero

In this tutorial, we'll introduce you to Zotero, a free software application that helps you:

  • keep track of your information while you search,
  • create citations while you write,
  • and generate a formatted bibliography in seconds.

Let's get started!

Navigating this Tutorial

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Choosing Your Starting Point

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So, What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free, open-source research tool that helps you collect, organize, and analyze research and share it in a variety of ways. Zotero interacts seamlessly with online resources: when it senses you are viewing a book, article, or other object on the web, it can automatically extract and save complete bibliographic references.

from Zotero's Home Page

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Quick Video Tour of Zotero's Key Features

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Setting up Zotero

  1. Download and install Zotero and a Connector for your favorite browser.
  2. Create a free Zotero account.
  3. Add your username and password to Zotero to sync your account.

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Check out detailed instructions for each of the steps listed above.

Download and Install Zotero and a Connector at

: ISU Libraries

Register for an account

Create your free Zotero account at:

: ISU Libraries

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Getting to Know Zotero

Now that you've installed Zotero, let's become familiar with how it looks and functions.

: ISU Libraries

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Importing Items into Zotero

There are a variety of ways to import items into Zotero. Watch this short video and determine how you want to proceed.

: ISU Libraries

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Ways of Importing Items

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The Very Easy Way

: ISU Libraries

Let's see the Pretty Easy Way

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The Pretty Easy Way

: ISU Libraries

Let's see the Mostly Easy Way

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The Mostly Easy Way

: ISU Libraries

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Creating Citations and Bibliographies

Now you can really leverage the power of Zotero in your research.

How to produce a quick bibliography

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Creating a Quick Bibliography

: ISU Libraries

How to use Word for automatic citations

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Using Word for Automatic Citations

: ISU Libraries

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Additional Zotero Support

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Good luck with Zotero, and remember that you can always ask our librarians for help. Just click the link at the top of the screen.